Glenda Johnson: Supporting Republicans

Congressman Steve Knight shakes the hands of students as they exit a forum at College of the Canyons on Monday, March 13, 2017. Katharine Lotze/The Signal
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Normally I do not participate in pre-election comments re: candidates. Lately all letters and comments have been by writers with whom I do not agree. Why are theirs the only opinions worth reading?

Our 25th Congressional District covers a large and varied population. Congressman Steve Knight has represented us excellently in Washington DC. When he also supports our President Trump, that is a bonus, indeed.

There are so few policies and proposals of the “left” (“liberals”, “progressives”) in Washington that are worthwhile, in my opinion. They are dominated by the Haters and the Mockers. Even more so, the Sacramento majority that has been running and ruining our magnificent state of California for too many years is shameful. So I pray that the voters of Santa Clarita (and California) will support Republican incumbents and candidates. We deserve them.

Glenda Johnson
Santa Clarita

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