Jay DelDotto: How many more illegal immigrants do the lefties want in California?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thank you Brian (Baker) for your beautifully written article (June 19) re: the children of illegal immigrants being separated and detained. Your analogy of people being arrested and having their children go to jail with them is a perfect description of the illegal immigrant being arrested and detained. I have thought about this analogy myself and you described it so well. Note: The illegal invaders are told that they and their children will be separated but they still come. 

The first question I would like to ask The Signal editorial board and Signal readers is, “Why was it OK to separate children under the Obama administration and there was no hue and cry from the socialist lefties and the so-called mainstream news media, but now that the Trump administration is continuing the same policy it is ‘horrifying’ to the same news media and socialist lefties?” 

A second question I have: “When did the law change about ILLEGAL entry to our country and give the politicians in Sacramento the authority to decide who is and who isn’t allowed into the United States as apposed to the Congress of the United States?” (The last time I checked, California is still part of the United States and it citizens are still required to abide by its laws.)

A third question I have: “Do the socialist lefties and the so-called mainstream news media understand that every time 2-plus million illegal immigrants in California flush a toilet and take a shower, they are using our precious water resources?” Water resources that Sacramento wants to ration. How about their use of our electricity, gas and oil? And, the socialist lefties are proposing that illegal immigrants get free medical through Medi-Cal. 

A fourth question I have: “Why should I as a taxpayer subsidize ILLEGAL immigrants who are given a free education and are allowed to go to college, taking a seat away from a LEGAL citizen or a LEGAL resident?

A fifth question I have: “When did the leftist, socialist politicians get the authority to take my and others’ tax dollars that are supposed to pay for various projects such as street repair, fire and police protection, park maintenance, education and many other taxpayer-approved enhancements, and use it to defend ILLEGAL immigrants who are being deported?  (Note: They came here illegally, so let them defend themselves.)

A sixth question I have: “Why is the California Democratic Party so anxious to protect ILLEGAL immigrants from deportation? Could it be that they think they would most likely vote Democratic?”

A seventh question I have: “Why is it so terrible to turn over to immigration authorities, illegal immigrants who have committed a crime? How does keeping them here make it safer for citizens and LEGAL residents?”

An eighth question I have: “How many ILLEGAL immigrants do the socialist lefties and so-called ‘progressive’ Democrats think should be allowed into the United States? And, California?”

We have about 330 million people in the United Stares now. California has gone from about 15 or 18 million in the 1950s and 1960s to almost 40 million. How many more do they want?

I have lived in California my whole life except when I was in the military. I have seen this beautiful state go from being the best in the United States to one of the worst. Downtown Los Angeles looks like a third world country. Our taxes are the highest in the nation in almost all categories, our utilities are some of the highest priced and our businesses are over-regulated to the point they are forced to move out of state. The governor’s train to nowhere is now going to cost over $77 billion. We could bring all the water we need to Central and Southern California for about a quarter or a third of the cost of the “Bullet Train.” However, the Sacramento politicians are too busy suing the Trump Administration over frivolous issues and not taking care of the real problems facing this state. 

Due to the cost of living, two of my three grandchildren have moved out of California because they could not afford the high cost of food and rent. The third one is too young to move and does not want to leave her friends. However, my daughter and her husband may leave when the youngest is out of school. I am so sad to see what is happening. However, for me and my wife, we planned and invested well during our working years and can live out the rest of our years here rather comfortably. The weather and our medical requirements are the main reasons we stay. 

Well, I expect the socialist lefties to write in saying I am a right-wing racist. This is the normal tactic they use to try to discredit what someone else’s opinion is. Legal immigration is acceptable. Illegal entry is not. So those who come here just need to follow the law and apply to come here legally. Nothing racist about that.

Jay DelDotto


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