Betty Arenson | Anti-Knight Faction Is So Overzealous, They Ignore the Facts

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Susan Paparozzi’s letter printed July 12 states, “I read with great surprise the letter from Betty Arenson regarding (Rep.) Steve Knight’s supposed concern about the inhumane treatment of children and families fleeing violence at our southern border.”

I am sure had Ms. Paparozzi grasped the concept of the letter she would not have been surprised.

The genesis for my referenced letter was in response to Signal reader Kenneth Hurst’s June 28 letter that erroneously asserted Rep. Knight had been “silent” on the southern border issue. That claim was totally false and I cited The Signal’s own article on the matter underlining that Knight had indeed made a formal comment on the subject nine days earlier, on June19.

The needed correction was exactly that; a correction to an untrue and fallacious statement.

This is one more example of the anti-Knight faction being so zealous to paint Knight in a negative light, the facts are missed.

Betty Arenson


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