David Godfrey | Eisenberg’s Anti-Trump Diatribe Ignores What’s Good for Americans

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Again, you published another ridiculous diatribe by Lois Eisenberg (Letters, July 17). She wailed about the “Immoral Despot” leading our country (Trump) who is ruining our liberty, happiness and “good life” with “evil, moronic, damaging agendas.”

Typical example of the Trump haters so caught up in their hatred of the president that they can’t or refuse to see facts.

Does she idolize some Democrat politicians that do nothing but preach hatred and divisiveness with no positive agenda for the American people?

Actually, Trump has an agenda for the American people based on facts, not hatred.

She blames Trump for the disappearing middle class, but that has been going on for over 20 years under previous presidents. He has brought back some jobs to America, lowering unemployment for all sectors to record lows. Don’t forget the Pelosi “Crumbs” tax break you got, Ms. Eisenberg. Hope for the middle class!

Regarding his “no compassion or empathy for the downtrodden,” you must be referring to his opposition to criminals and increased border security to keep criminals and lawbreakers out of our country. What a terrible thought! America cannot financially support and be the safe haven for all the downtrodden people of the world.

Most Democrats and Ms. Eisenberg have stated no recognizable agenda for the American people. It appears you care more for people who are non-citizens than you do for Americans.

Your article stated zero agenda items for Americans and was filled with hateful terms, something you accuse the president of. You did not list one “horrible deed” that he has committed.

I’m tired of whiners who lost the election. You spout hatred, complain about Trump’s silly tweets and offer no constructive plan for Americans. Trump is the first president in a long time to do what he promised, which has been mostly good for America.

David Godfrey


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