Jim Horton | Bombarded with Left-Leaning Letters on the Opinion Page

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In reviewing the July 3 opinion page, I noted that we were being bombarded with left-leaning opinions from folks who were writing but not on solid ground.

To begin with, we were asked to share Lois Eisenberg’s bile. President Trump may or may not be the greatest president we have had, but he is so much better than the last one that there is really no comparison.

Secondly, Hilary Schardein is pleading for the United States to become a huge sanctuary for the rest of the world. She may or may not believe that all these illegal aliens flooding into our country should be welcomed and taken care of. We are only damaging our own country. You should decide who you care for most — your own neighbors or the illegal immigrants that choose not to fix their own problems.

Next, Ken Dean has the temerity to compare what is happening on our southern border to World War II. Nothing could be further from the truth.  People must educate themselves about the true facts of what they are speaking to. Start by reading the Nuremberg Trials. That will give you a small taste of what took place at that time. The Holocaust was such horror that if you are to reference it, you must have some appreciation for what really took place. 

Joshua Heath tells us that until we get complete socialism, that we will founder along in this United States that he refers to as dark and barren. Joshua, you have 200 years of history to examine. When has socialism WORKED? It has been an abject failure each and every time. All it has accomplished is to make a great many people miserable and I wouldn’t recommend it for my worst enemy.

Jim Horton


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