Patricia Lara Ladd | Influential Latinos move toward GOP

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

The Republican Party continues to be the engine attracting Hispanics in America. Historically, Hispanics have become Democrats because they don’t understand the difference between “Democratic” and “Democrat.”

Once they truly understand that difference, they find a greater affinity to be Republicans. The Republican Party and Hispanics share the same foundation and values: the deep appreciation of the family unit, the need and willingness to work hard, earn the rewards and know responsibility.

The Republican Party is plentiful with strong, not always famous, role models with many women emerging as empowering leaders; thus my personal story.

I came from Lima, Peru, and thanks to President Ronald Reagan, I was one of many immigrants given the opportunity to become a legal resident in the United States. I was able to work freely and become an example for others.

To reach my personal goal, I studied hard and was blessed to get a full college scholarship. While studying marketing and public relations at UCLA I worked at a company in Beverly Hills.

After graduation I became an intern in an advertising agency and was quickly offered a full-time, permanent position.

In 2001 I started Power Media Group and, despite the economic recession and no monetary backing, I put my skills to work in my home with a computer, fax machine, cell phone and a vision focused on the U.S. Hispanic consumer market.

That gave way in 2009 to found Power Woman Business Center, a business incubator to give advice to small entrepreneurs and teach them how to take their businesses to unlimited successes.

A further vision brought about Power Media and Associates in 2017. That business provided expanded services —for one, the commercialization of solar energy and construction. My husband and business partner, Ernesto, and I work as a team with the company in addition to educating the public about various state incentives, about which many may not otherwise be aware.

It is with a great degree of satisfaction knowing that working from the ground up has rewarded me with innumerable and meritorious recognitions and awards from organizations including Small Business Administration, NASA/Edwards Air Force Base, San Fernando Valley Business Journal and more.

I had the honor of participating on various business forum panels such as the White House Business Forum, The Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Woman Business Owners.

The complete list of experiences and all of the recognitions are too lengthy to cite here but I am so thankful and very appreciative for each and every one of them.

My spiritual beliefs are deep and I am more thankful than I can say, and I know all of this would have not been possible without the blessings of God in my life. Every day I am motivated by the words, “I can do everything in Christ that makes me happy.”

I am also motivated and happy about the upcoming elections. I hope to inspire Latinos to become educated about the matters that affect our country, register to vote and actually vote.

The number of Latinos eligible to vote is increasing, telling us the future will respond to the interests of the Hispanic community.

It is important to take into account the current situation of the Hispanic market as we approach November.

A 2016 Pew Research Center survey showed the Latino community strongly supported the Democrats’ proposals, yet the majority of Latinos registered to vote identified themselves as conservatives versus liberals. This indicates the confusion of “Democrat” and” “Democratic.”

The misinformation and diffusion by the media has created a negative anti-Republican concept, not a reality. The Latino community needs to be informed with real information.

Today’s bright focus on the separation of Hispanic families is a result of the Democrats’ agenda to create a damaged atmosphere for Republicans. It’s clear why the media is silent, unless it’s convenient to report, on Democrats often stating that under President Obama more deportations took place than under other presidents.

It’s a busy year for this Latina: I am a Republican with a very RED heart.

Patricia Lara Ladd is President of Power Media and Associates. She is a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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