Sue Prout | Don’t Be Blind to Child Trafficking at Our Nation’s Borders

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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If you indeed choose to take your own children through thousands of miles of uncertain territory to a place that promises free housing, food, clothing plus, plus, plus for yourself and your child but you know you will need to break the law to get into that country, then don’t cry at the consequences of your actions. If, however you are taking children into other countries to exploit them for money then you need to be arrested and the children need to be taken from you and cared for by licensed care givers.

Now how are you going to find out which children belong to the people who call themselves parents but are actually smugglers? The children have been told to call these smugglers Mom and Dad, so it will take a thorough vetting to find out what is actually happening. We have to give our law enforcement, ICE, enough time to do their job. 

Child trafficking is a disgusting and deplorable business! One reason it’s here in our country is because we are not watching our borders closely enough. These children are usually from other countries who will sell their children for money. As a civilized country we find it very hard to believe that parents would sell their own children but they do, and we shouldn’t be blind to this fact.

Sue Prout

Canyon Country

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