Susann Rizzo: Council Ignored Opposing Views on Changes Affecting Homeless

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I was in the audience at the City Council meeting June 26. Many voices were raised in opposition to changes the council put forth on amending Title 14 of the Santa Clarita Municipal Code concerning parks and other public places. The changes put forth involved prohibiting many personal actions of people, such as washing, sleeping and cooking in public places. The council quickly approved the changes without even reading the written comments. My comment was among the written ones.

I wonder where your reporter was during this long debate? This is an issue that may affect everyone in our valley and deserves publication.

Susann Rizzo


Editor’s note: As a matter of fact, Signal reporter Crystal Duan covered the meeting and her article about the city’s ordinance update was published June 27 on and in the June 28 print edition of The Signal.

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