Casey McMichael: We Should Be More Patient with Our Pragmatic President

In recent political conversations, and I really don’t get into many, I’ve come to the conclusion that our esteemed President Trump is still better than what we could have had. Here’s what I mean:

Mr. Trump is a “pragmatist” type of president. By definition, this means he’s “dealing with things sensibly, realistically and in a way that is based on the practical rather than theory.” So, this is why a lot of people are upset with his firm decisions on border control, gun laws and his foreign policies. People may not be looking at him with this view in mind. I don’t think we’ve ever had such a president like this before. (Maybe he reminds me of Reagan a little.)

So, give this some thought and maybe you can help your liberal friends calm down to the point of waiting and being more patient with our president.

Casey McMichael

Santa Clarita