Gary Morrison | Donald Trump, the Third-Rate Huckster, Has Got to Go

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Ronald Reagan said “facts are inconvenient things.” Saying something untrue, especially things that are easily proven to be untrue, is a nice way of saying a lie.

Our current president, I’ll call him Donny Johnny, has told some whoppers and the Trumpistas out there treat the lies as fact.

After 9-11, D.J. was apparently the only person to have seen “thousands” of people celebrating in the streets as the twin towers fell. To date no one has been able to find the tape of those celebrations he claims he saw on television. One of the beginning lies of Donny Johnny. Were the media already out to get him?

Then came the whole “birther” campaign. D.J. claimed (Barack Obama) wasn’t born here. Basking in the glow of all the publicity, he eventually said “his investigators were already in Hawaii and we wouldn’t believe what they were finding out”! I don’t remember seeing any reports from his investigators, if there ever were any investigators.

D.J. later said President Obama was actually born in Hawaii. Was there any apology for the lies? I’m still waiting, are you?

Since we’re just highlighting here, we’ll move on to the next “whopper.”

After he’d won the electoral vote, he said, again with no proof, that President Obama had “wiretapped him” at Trump Tower. He’ll say anything to keep the “customers satisfied.” Investigation shows no evidence of any phone surveillance by the White House or FBI! Apologies, none?

He also said that he would have won the popular vote if “millions hadn’t illegally voted for “crooked Hilary.” Proof anyone? He claims the media lie about him, but documenting what he says either on screen or in his seemingly endless tweets is not lying.

Let’s move on to his followers……When President Obama issued executive orders, the right said he was acting like a king! Almost all of D.J.’s accomplishments on the domestic level have been by executive order. The right is silent. Must be OK if a Republican does it.

D.J.said “This Obama guy plays too much golf. when I am president, I won’t have time for golf.” He has since spent nearly one-third of his time at his golf properties around the world, billing the taxpayer for additional expenses

Reagan called Russia the evil empire. It was our enemy. Under D.J., Russia is treated like a favorite relative. If Russia is our enemy, any “aid or comfort” accorded them is the definition of treason!

I know you want your Supreme Court justices, and your tax cuts, but at what price? Backing someone who has almost no knowledge of government, and reportedly no interest in learning anything, overall is a losing proposition. He is said to lose interest in any briefing that is longer than 30 minutes. I wouldn’t want someone like that doing my brakes, let alone running what used to be the bastion of freedom. Everything is not and cannot be political.

This third-rate huckster has got to go!

Gary Morrison


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