Patrick D. Lanphere | Could the Trump Strategy Work for the Democrats in 2020?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On Aug. 6, on one of President Trump’s favorite (not!) TV “news” stations (not!), MSNBC, a political “reporter” gave his opinion of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Dana Milbank is employed by one of President Trump’s favorite (not!) newspapers, The Washington Post.

Mr. Milbank’s analysis of the 2016 presidential election is on a par with Nancy Pelosi’s ranting about impeachment, Maxine Waters’ ranting about civil disorder and of course, Hillary Clinton’s important comment, “What difference [at this point] does it make?” about the tragic deaths of four of the country’s finest.

Mr. Milbank’s theory for a Democratic presidential victory in 2020 is simple. He has obviously deeply analyzed the final success of Donald Trump in 2016 and has determined that the Democrats might run a dozen candidates in the 2020 primary.

His words were a “mirror” of what happened with the success of Donald Trump, as the GOP voters were “confused” by the number of candidates, so they voted for Donald Trump. This could work for Democrats!

Mr. Milbank, please wake up. The reason Donald Trump won was not that Putin stuffed the ballot box.

It’s simply that the average American citizen wanted to get away from all of the super-expensive “giveaway” programs. They elected a very successful businessman instead of a longtime corrupted politician.

If you think your theory of a “mirrored” 2020 strategy for the liberals might work, start making a list. Hillary (of course), Barry, Maxine, Shumer, Flake, Warren, Biden, Ocasio-Cortez, Cuomo, Sharpton, Mueller, Comey…

One last thing: The country is in better shape nationally and internationally than it has been in years because he’s running it like a family business.

Welcome to the family.

P.S. For more common-sense review, read, “Why is there so much Trump hate,” Signal letters, by Dick Cesaroni, July 7.

Patrick D. Lanphere

Santa Clarita

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