Curt Scott | Brian and Lois: There Are More Productive Ways to Spend Time

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: the latest Brian Baker/Lois Eisenberg skirmish. No surprise at all that Brian Baker announced his support for Steve Knight, nor that he supports President Trump and his self-evident and ongoing boorishness in office.

And no surprise that Ms. Eisenberg expressed her divergent point of view. No surprise as well that yet another entrant into this engagement leaped in to rebuke Lois for failing to provide evidence to support her observations. Sigh.

Yet another entrant chose to chastise Lois, saying that she should be grateful for the First Amendment so she can “express her hatred and ignorance of facts.” Again, no surprise.

My gentle counsel to Lois: I trust that you won’t invest one fleeting moment of your time gathering or publishing evidence, or addressing the taunts. Your time would be far better spent inventorying the individual grains of salt in your salt shaker, or perhaps counting the individual blades of grass on the National Mall.

Curt Scott

Canyon Country

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