Dana L. Stern Sr. | A Quiet Exodus from California Has Begun, and Can You Blame Them?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A quiet exodus from California has begun. Voters, both Democratic and Republican, are leaving the state.

Some take their business interests with them. Many are tired of Gov. Jerry Brown and his policies. Projects like the high-speed rail, designed to enrich Dianne Feinstein and her husband, are without a doubt just graft and corruption.

Sanctuary policies here in the state of California will in a few years break the treasury in Sacramento.

We cannot afford to let everyone come to California. They get a driver’s license and register to vote immediately. The Department of Motor Vehicles can barely operate under the influx of people to the state, mostly from south of the border.

Some cities in the state of California are declaring themselves to be not sanctuary cities. While these cities are making the right move, it’s not enough to hold back the tide. Think about it — you come here and get social services (welfare and medical benefits) immediately.

The other thing that has been spilling over the border to California is MS13. This gang is responsible for murders, kidnappings and illegal drugs. MS13 is now biggest crime problem faced by Americans in the entire country.

Gavin Newsom is without a doubt a dangerous liberal who just wants to give away everything to everybody. His politics and policies aren’t going to do more than speed up the bankruptcy of the state of California.

After he’s in office, he will have to raise taxes to balance fiscal demands of his liberal policies. When it happens no one will be able to afford to live in the state of California. You will have the very poor and the very rich. No middle class!

Dana L. Stern Sr.

Canyon Country

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