Football Challenge: Week 2 Results, Week 3 Entry Forms


The results are in from week 2 of The Signal’s Football Challenge, and congratulations go to this week’s repeat $75 winner, Paul Sweigart!

Here are this week’s top 10 scores out of 25 games possible, as well as the season to date top 10:


[mks_one_half]This Week’s Top 10
1. Paul Sweigart, 19
2. Jerry Sheggrud, 18
3. Mike Pontius, 17
3. David Walker, 17
5. Mark Slater, 16
5. Mike Magin, 16
7. Stephen Simon, 15
7. Bob Stahl, 15
7. Bill Weiss, 15
7. Dave Kost, 15
7. Bruce Wahl, 15
7. Gary Lane, 15[/mks_one_half]

[mks_one_half]Top 10, Season to Date
1. Paul Sweigart, 39
2. Jerry Sheggrud, 35
3. Mike Pontius, 33
3. Stephen Simon, 33
3. Bob Stahl, 33
6. David Walker, 31
6. Ralph Steger, 31
8. Mark Slater, 30
9. Mike Magin, 29
9. Bill Weiss, 29
9. Mike Pievac, 29
9. Dave Kost, 29[/mks_one_half]


Participants in the Football Challenge can win prizes by correctly picking the winners of NFL, college and local high school football games. Official entry blanks and the previous week’s results can be found in the Wednesday edition of the newspaper. Today’s appears on page A4. Each week, the person who correctly picks the most winning teams wins $75. Individual participants’ totals will be updated each week throughout the season, and the participant with the highest number of correct predictions will win a $300 prize after the end of the NFL regular season.

Completed entry forms can be scanned or photographed, and emailed to [email protected] (this is your safest bet for on-time delivery), or they can be neatly clipped or photocopied and sent via mail to The Signal (address is listed on entry form). However, all entries must be received by 5 p.m. each Friday in order to be eligible. Only entries with winners marked on the official entry form (or a photocopy or digital copy of it) are accepted.

Questions? Email [email protected].

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