Gary Morrison | Will Trump Be Our President for Life?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’ve just spent over an hour watching and listening to “Donny Johnnie’s” news conference. There were so many uses of the word “deal” or “deals” that I have to ask, are we governing a country or buying a used car? His favorite words are “I, me, my, mine”! The only positive adjectives he uses are “wonderful” and “beautiful.” Count how many times he uses the word “strong” to describe a foreign leader.

America doesn’t have a good relationship with Japan or North Korea — he does! From the way he talks about trade, it sounds like he thinks that at the end of the year, each country totals up what their trade deficit is with us, and then cuts a check that goes right into our treasury. And vice-versa. No matter what he’s talking about, it always comes down to money. He is more concerned with what we pay than he is about what we get!

One of the Republican selling points for “Donny Johnnie” was that we needed to have a “businessman” run the country to get us “back in the black.” The worst possible choice would have been the head of a small family business, and certainly not a real estate developer. Hyperbole is the go-to tactic for developers. Up until then his negotiating style was one of filing lawsuits against everyone he thought was working against him. Most times he only threatened to sue. That tactic doesn’t work on the world stage. In order for him to function, he needs an enemy to push against. If he doesn’t have one, he creates one.

America is less a place than an idea. We have always relied on our institutions and the agreed-upon protocols to keep ourselves together and moving forward. One by one he has weakened or destroyed those institutions. He has been described, by those more paranoid than me, as “the last president of the United States!” As each day passes I fear they may be right.

Considering all the talk of the things he doesn’t think are fair to him, as well as the conspiracy theories he promotes, can anyone be sure that if he loses the election, he will go quietly and let his successor take over? Or more likely, declare that the election was rigged and that he actually won, but the Democrats cheated him out of his “overwhelming victory”! Which outcome is more likely? He has stated that he likes the idea of “President for Life,” like in China. Why not start now?

Gary Morrison


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