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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m going to come to Brian Baker’s defense, although he needs nothing from me. He is perfectly capable of his own defense.

First of all, Brian correctly identifies the characters who make up this spectrum of political wanna-be’s who write in perfect ignorance. I read as liberal after liberal write things that have no basis in fact. Have any of these people ever studied the subjects that they chose to write about? I would venture a guess that it all comes from “GUT” feelings and you know my opinion about that.

Hitler is mentioned and I would be willing to place a large bet that no study went into the comment. It is hard to sell an opinion without facts to back it up.

Our recent history is filled with men who have stood out for one reason or another. I would suggest that there are many books by various authors covering every one from Bill Clinton to Joseph Stalin.

By perusing these tomes, one can get a flavor of the world that we live in.

Adolf Hitler was his own worst enemy, Stalin was a mass murder, FDR’s talents lay in his ability to pick the right man for the job. There are no saints out there. Some are better than others but all are flawed in some way. I would suggest that the letter writer do a little research before touching the keyboard next time.

One final thought: There is a mention of man-made global warming. This subject is losing support because things are not happening as they were predicted. The biggest scam of all is cap and trade. How does a company that has emissions benefit our air quality by paying money to a government agency?

The company then passes that fee onto its customers, who are already being taxed into poverty. I understand that a liberal never met one of my dollars that he didn’t covet, but at some point, there has to be an end to this thievery.

Jim Horton


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