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Richard Myers | Were Reporters Apologetic that Florence Was ‘Only’ Category 1?

Friday, Sept. 14: Am I crazy, are we all going nuts, is it just human nature or what, but have you noticed that all the television reporters who, a few days ago,were telling us about the colossal force of the approaching hurricane Florence, now seem apologetic as they tell us it’s now only category 1? That’s right, apologetic… like they promised us something better.

And you know what? We, in our heart of hearts, are indeed disappointed that we aren’t getting to witness something more. A nice category 4, perhaps?

What the hell is wrong with us?

Is it just human nature? Do we really want to be entertained by more destruction even if it means more suffering? It seems we do. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not sure.

Do we watch a police pursuit on our freeways to see what a fine job our police are doing or are we waiting to see a crash and some unfortunate souls?

What has happened to us? How do we need to be entertained?

Richard Myers



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