Barbara Walker | McLean’s Vital Transportation Expertise

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Marsha McLean is our transportation expert on our City Council. Bringing the money needed to keep our city and economy vital into the future takes experience. Marsha is the candidate who has a vision for the future and maintains that future through her involvement with all levels of government. It takes time to develop regional relationships that bring the dollars necessary to build new roads, new transportation dollars for Metrolink and public transportation and save taxpayers money.

Working with Supervisor Michael Antonovich and current Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Marsha ensured a new Metrolink station that takes our riders directly to the Burbank Airport, part of $300 million invested in new roads, freeway improvements and traffic improvements with new technology to ease traffic congestion. Working with the state League of California Cities, $1.3 million a year stays in Santa Clarita’s budget and not Sacramento’s. 

Barbara Walker

Santa Clarita

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