Darlene Chandler | Don’t Ignore Grandma on Solar Panels

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Letters to the Editor
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I can see the solar panels from my back yard and I do not even live in Canyon View Estates! What a mess! How can something so large be slapped up on a hillside so haphazardly and not even have a geological survey done?

Does he have any idea when it rains where all the water will go? Is the hillside able to handle the weight of these panels for a long period of time? How did this happen?

My kids purposely did not pay for a view, but many people did and do. They went from beautiful green hills with trees and birds and flowers and now there are none, but they still pay for them?

There is still no proof that this is safe to be so large and so close to where adults and children sleep and play. Solar on a rooftop is a choice, but solar several feet from your head where you sleep is not right.

Some people are even lucky enough to have the power plant in their back yard that hums 24/7. Is this safe? How do we know? I am very concerned for my kids and grandchildren!

They also said at the meeting this would save the residents money, but so far my kids’ bill has gone up every month! The heat that radiates off the panels makes my kids’ home hotter and now they have to use the air conditioning more often, which costs even more money.

Is the farm so big so the owner can sell the power and make more money? This whole thing stinks.

My kids took me back by the hillside to show me all of the pillars and how none of them are the same height or size — just put up with the flow of the hillside. How can that be safe? There are clumps of wires out in the open everywhere. This looks like a small child’s art project. How could a reputable solar company take credit for this work? How on Earth would Canyon View accept this installation as a professional job and then pay for it?

We, as a city, have to get to the bottom of this situation and have these solar panels removed from the once beautiful hillside. We need to protect these families from the unknowns that were not investigated prior to the installation of a solar farm that (looks)big enough to run the entire Valencia Industrial Center!

Please, City Council, do not give up on this fight.

Darlene Chandler

Canyon Country

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