Dorothy Stallman | Smith Would Deliver Affordable Health Care Solutions

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

California is in a health-care crisis and people are suffering and going bankrupt. The costs of care and prescription drugs are out of control. Bigger and bigger portions of a family’s (and individual’s) budget are going to cover health-care costs.

This disproportional amount of health care spending doesn’t just affect the people who need health care. Because so many people are spending so much money on health care, it means there is a huge amount of money going to the health care industry rather than going to local businesses and other spending that would actually spur economic growth.

This means beside being the morally correct thing to do, affordable health care is actually good for the economy.

There is only one candidate for state Assembly who understands this and will fight for families. That candidate is Christy Smith.

Christy is a policy expert. Her professional career as a policy analyst means she doesn’t support a policy until it is well thought out and the funding aspects are already in place. Christy supports a health-care policy that makes it so all Californians can afford to see a doctor.

To achieve this, she supports increased investments to preventative medicine. That will lower the total spent on health care in California by lowering the amount of expensive crisis care.

Christy also supports training more doctors and expanding higher education capacity within health-care professions. Christy will also support stronger measures made to control the price of prescription drugs so big pharma cannot unnecessarily raise prices on Californians.

If you want affordable health care for yourself and family, you need to vote for Christy Smith for state Assembly on Nov. 6!

Dorothy Stallman

Santa Clarita

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