Gary Horton | Closing Argument in Hill v. Knight


The closing argument to this election is easy.

You should vote for Katie Hill for the 25th Congressional District because America needs balance and increased oversight in our national government.

Right now, Republicans hold the Senate, the House and the presidency, and checks and balances are out the window. And without accountability, well, let’s just say the mice are playing when the cat is away.

And just what are our mice in Washington up to without proper oversight?

That answer is easy, too. They are playing with your health, your wealth, and your safety.

That’s what is at stake.

This election is so much more consequential than picking from party affiliation or choosing between two names on the ballot. Rather, this election will determine the protection of your personal health, your wealth and your safety.

This election is much more than simply about Steve or Katie. It’s about your health, your wealth and your safety. This election is that simple and yet that profound.

Your health: Remember the Republican promise to repeal and replace Obamacare? Remember Trump’s promise to replace it with something absolutely great? None of that happened. Instead, they weakened the Affordable Care Act, cutting millions from the health care rolls, and have already approved “junk plans,” significantly reducing benefits and coverages.

And Republican leadership has stated plans for removing coverage for pre-existing conditions and reinstating coverage limits. If you know anyone with cancer, diabetes, or a host of serious chronic diseases, you know that eliminating protection for a pre-existing condition is both a bankruptcy and death sentence to those you know and love.

Don’t be deceived. If you care about your health and the health of those you love, you must vote for congressional accountability and oversight, and in this election that means your vote must be for Katie Hill.

Your wealth: The Republican tax plan passed last year threw 90 percent of the tax savings to the top 1 percent of Americans. The other 99 percent of Americans got shafted for crumbs.

Meanwhile, federal deficits have ballooned 17 percent this year, and are estimated to soon top $1 trillion annually.

Top Senate and House leaders say your Social Security and Medicare “entitlements” are too high and caused these recent high deficits. They say your Social Security must be cut and Medicare hacked back. Republican leadership is committed to reduce benefits you’ve paid for your entire life in order to cover their tax cuts for the super-privileged few.

Let’s not be deceived. If you want to ensure your Social Security and Medicare is there for you when you need it most, you have to vote for congressional accountability and oversight in this election. And that means your vote must be for Katie Hill.

Your well-being: The Trump administration has already gutted substantial environmental regulations that protect our clean water and clean air. They’ve pushed back auto and power plant emission improvements. They’ve tossed out any reasonable discussion of semiautomatic assault weapon control, the toll of which painfully continues to plague us.

Their huge deficits will raise interest rates. Their tariffs have already cost jobs and will soon raise prices on nearly all consumer goods you buy. They have assaulted the free press and diminished values that make America – America.

Don’t be deceived. Far-reaching decisions are being made in Washington that overwhelmingly hurt you. If you care about your well-being and that of the American people you must vote for congressional accountability and oversight, and in this election that means your vote must be for Katie Hill.

Some observers have said that Katie Hill is running against Donald Trump. Mid-year representative elections are often referendums or checks on power of a reckless or unpopular president. Yes, Katie is indeed running against Donald Trump and your vote for Katie will help check Trump’s worst instincts and actions.

Katie is also running against a monolithic Republican government accountable to no one. In control of all levers of power, they’ve run amok and aren’t properly representing the public interest. Katie is challenging the entrenched, corrupted, established powers.

And Katie is of course running against Steve Knight. Like Katie, Steve is local. Like Katie, Steve is a good person and a good neighbor. But unlike Katie, Steve is captive to the entrenched Trumpian and Republican-corporate powers and he has indisputably proven from his voting record he’s not able to adequately stand up for us, the people.

For 19 months, Katie Hill has sacrificed her personal life on her mission to provide the 25th District with improved representation for us the voters, not us, the well-lobbied industries. I know Katie, and she’s 100 percent committed to restoring accountability, honor, civility and service to our district.

This election is pivotal and also difficult for us in Santa Clarita. We have two of our own running, both qualified, good people. But one will provide the oversight and accountability to protect your health, wealth and well-being. The incumbent, Steve Knight, has proven he votes otherwise. This must be stopped.

The closing argument is easy. If you care about your health, wealth and well-being, you must vote Katie Hill for the 25th District U.S. House of Representatives.

Gary Horton’s “Full Speed to Port!” has appeared on Wednesdays in The Signal since 2006.

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