Marc Winger | Former Superintendent Favors Smith for State Assembly

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Letters to the Editor
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I worked closely with two-term governing board member Christy Smith when I was superintendent of the Newhall School District. Now she’s running for state Assembly on Nov. 6 and she deserves your vote.

The future depends on today’s children receiving a high-quality education as they do in Newhall. Unfortunately, California has consistently been ranked in the bottom 10 nationally for per-pupil spending. This is unacceptable. Current Assemblyman Dante Acosta has continually voted against our state’s education budget and outcomes, wrongly claiming that California is among the highest in per-pupil spending. Widely accepted data demonstrate otherwise.

During the Great Recession I witnessed Christy take difficult votes to protect our students, staff and programs while making necessary budget cuts so we could remain solvent. She was caring yet realistic and determined. She probed administration on their recommendations, she understood budgets and the consequences of cuts, and she stood firm when necessary. Christy deeply understands education and knows what’s needed to continue our successes and improve even further. Once elected, Christy will work to develop sustainable funding for K-12 education and make higher education accessible for all Californians.

Christy promotes increasing investments in classrooms and teachers. She supports reduced class sizes, prioritizing after-school programs that spark student interest in a variety of career paths, and increasing funding for science, technology, engineering, and math programs that will equip students for jobs in today’s economy and beyond. Christy understands the unique needs of English language learners. She has always supported Newhall’s outstanding arts program.

Christy Smith’s education expertise and track record for improving public schools make her the best choice for the Assembly, where critical public school funding decisions and standards are set. Let’s send a seasoned expert to do the job. Vote for Christy Smith on Nov. 6.

Marc Winger


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