Robert M. Olsen | Protect Environment with Smith, SB100

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

You would be hard-pressed to find a neighbor who doesn’t count the gorgeous canyons and natural beauty among their reasons for living here. Yet the increased traffic, ever-increasing commute lengths and the growing size of nearby environmental hazards originating with big industry has me concerned.

That’s why I was so pleased to hear about Senate Bill 100. California has pledged itself to rely on 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2045. There’s no denying the hard work required to meet that goal, but when I think about what was driving on the road in 1990 when I moved to Santa Clarita (a date just as far away as 2045), suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad.

However, a plan is just that, and without responsible and accountable officials, that plan doesn’t stand a chance. Christy Smith has pledged herself to protecting the environment in her bid for state Assembly. That’s why she has refused money from the big corporate interests that seek to influence how our officials vote. By contrast, Dante Acosta has taken contributions from Monsanto, Koch Industries, big oil, tobacco and more. 

We need to make sure we’re thinking long term about how to protect our resources. The best way to do that is by transitioning away from invasive energy sources. SB100 is a start. Voting for candidates like Christy Smith will help ensure we get there responsibly. Vote for Christy Smith for state Assembly on Nov. 6.

Robert M. Olsen

Santa Clarita

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