Ron Singerman | Katie Hill and the Liberal Kool Aid

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I actually jumped out of my seat and headed to my computer after reading Mr. Robert Burton’s Oct. 18 letter extolling what Katie Hill will do if elected to Congress.

Quote: “Ms. Hill SHALL make affordable health care for all! She SHALL do that by lowering the cost for health care appreciably.”

All by herself? Mr. Burton has no clue as to how the Congress operates, i.e., the other 434 members.

Also, he included a similar statement on Ms. Hill doing the same for education.

And finally a statement as to why he knows Ms.Hill is the best choice. His university education — that was his best route to being a serious voter.

Seeing as how many of our higher education institutions are “my way or the highway” in regard to liberal thought, I would ask Mr. Burton to let us know how the Kool-Aid tastes.

Ron Singerman


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