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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have known Christy Smith for over two decades; after two terms on the Newhall School District board she’s running for State Assembly on Nov. 6 and deserves your vote.

My California business career spanned more than 40 years, and included working in small businesses, startups, teaching business finance at CSUN, and running the local Small Business Development Center, which provides a broad suite of services to entrepreneurs in the 38th Assembly District. 

My experience has shown that local businesses thrive in an ecosystem that provides broad and comprehensive business support. Too often we hear there are but two solutions to business problems; lower taxes and less regulation; however, the 2017 Small Business California survey showed those concerns ranked 8th and 9th for California entrepreneurs. Of greater concern to them? Finding good workers, accessing capital, addressing the cost of energy and workers’ compensation insurance; and growing sales; especially internationally.

Christy understands this. That’s why she will focus on helping businesses find quality workers – by making college and vocational training more available, effective and affordable. She recognizes that regulations should be smart, fair, clear and focused on enhancing safety and productivity. She will focus on expanding energy options with a goal to lowering energy costs for businesses along with ensuring our transportation infrastructure is reliable and robust, so businesses can get their goods to markets, reach their customers, and their customers and workers can get to them. She is supportive of programs like the Center for International Trade that help small businesses grow and finance international sales.

Christy Smith’s vision, understanding, intelligence and poise are needed to ensure we have someone in Sacramento working for us who is best able to help the 38th Assembly District and its economy thrive. Please join me in voting for Christy Smith for State Assembly.

Steve Tannehill

Santa Clarita

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