Fierce Brosnan Making a Name in Emerging Scene


By Taylor Villanueva
Signal Staff Writer

Part-“weird,” part-“surfy punk,” SCV punk band Fierce Brosnan is looking to spread its brand of rock ’n’ roll as part of what the group feels is a growing music scene in the Santa Clarita Valley for young artists.

“In high school, the local music scene was good,” said Nick VaVerka, lead guitarist for Fierce Brosnan, a play on the name of the former “James Bond” movie series actor Pierce Brosnan. “There were a lot of bands at Canyon High School, but that stopped for a while.”

The name, just like the group itself, might not carry a serious persona, per se, but they’ve been performing together in the SCV for the past two years, through different lineups, with new members recruited to fill any gaps spots if other commitments got in the way of rehearsals or performances.

The four current members have performed at venues from the San Fernando Valley to Hollywood and Los Angeles. In October, they made it as far as Davis.

The current lineup of Fierce Brosnan includes: VaVerka, 25; Sykes, 24; Daniel Vargas, 24, on guitar; and Josh Scuderi, 22, on drums. All of them grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Most of the group met in high school, where they played either in different bands or simply for fun with friends.

“It’s garage rock, surf-punk influence,” VaVerka said, “we were influenced by bands from Orange County that were part of the Burger Records group of records.”

As the SCV spurred a new generation of growing musicians, one band came together to create their own unique sound of surf punk and rock ’n’ roll.

“We kind of developed our own style,” VaVerka added. After listening to rock ’n’ roll bands throughout Southern California, the group came together to create their own sound and performed at local bars almost every week.

“I saw other scenes in O.C. and L.A. and thought, ‘That’s so cool! I wish I could be part of that,’” VaVerka recalled. “And it’s happening here, now.”

He also predicted the music scene will continue to grow locally over the next few years.

“The other day I realized there’s something cool going on right now,” he said. “It feels kind of special.”

As for the band’s future plans, they’ll be happy as long as they get to perform and share their art.

“For me, as long as I get to play the music I love and people are into it, that’s the satisfaction I need,” says Sykes. “It would be cool to be famous, but I’m happy playing bars and having people love our music.”

VaVerka has a similar goal.

“We take it seriously, but also know you have to have fun with it,” VaVerka said, explaining the group’s approach. “There have been a lot of bands we’ve seen start from nothing and suddenly playing festivals. It’s cool because, if they can do it, why can’t we?”

You can listen to Fierce Brosnan on Soundcloud or get more information about upcoming performances on the band’s Instagram page. 

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