Glenda Johnson | Yes on Prop. 6, No to Politicians

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

California politicians have raised our taxes on everything they can dream up and it’s never enough. The latest thievery is the raising of our gas taxes, diesel taxes, gas sales taxes and vehicle registration fees by large amounts. The voters were not given any chance to vote on this. The Democrats just did it on their own.

The consumer watchdog Howard Jarvis Association has calculated that these extra taxes will cost the average California family $700 per year. If both the husband and wife work, registering two cars and travel a long distance to work, it is likely the costs are even higher. These taxes hurt the poor and workers just trying to make a living in a high-tax state.

The taxes will raise every year automatically and become more and more expensive.

I recently read where the gas taxes collected by the state in the past 10 years is about $250 million. How many millions before that and the roads have been ignored and have deteriorated? They only admit the roads are bad now because they want to scare people into voting against this proposition.

I do not trust this Sacramento group to fix a road or any infrastructure with our extra money. Vote yes on Proposition 6 and tell Sacramento politicians no.

Glenda Johnson


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