Lois Eisenberg | The Old Boys Club Is Still Up to Their Old Tricks

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings proved again how women are disregarded as equals and hated by the Old Boys Club sitting in their antiquated stuffed chairs with their antiquated minds not even taking into consideration the credibility of the woman, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, sitting across from them being questioned about her experience of being sexually assaulted by a man who is up for confirmation for justice of the Supreme Court.

As long as you are a rich guy with powerful friends in America and being in the favor of the Old Boys Club you can become president of the United States and a justice on the Supreme Court.

What message has been sent to America’s youth, and all who are vulnerable to hate and fear at the drop of a hat?

Hoping that women and men with integrity across the nation will not accept this “witch hunt” against the finest species of the human race.

Ladies, fight back. March, strike, run for an office.

Enough is enough with this shameful, appalling, disgraceful attitude against women. The credibility of America and the American women has been undermined.

Lois Eisenberg


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