Steve Petzold | Boydston: An Accessible Councilman

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I encourage the residents of Santa Clarita to vote TimBen Boydston for City Council.

While serving on the council as an appointee and elected member, TimBen was always accessible to residents to discuss relevant problems and issues with city government. TimBen actually responds to phone calls and emails.

TimBen believes city issues should be discussed in public and he encourages your input. Too often, the desires of the city manager and staff are not scrutinized. As an elected council member TimBen will encourage citizen involvement. TBB has a well deserved reputation as a citizen advocate at City Hall.

When city staff negotiated placement of digital billboards at gateway areas of the Santa Clarita Valley, only TimBen responded to the public outcry. TimBen led the Measure S referendum effort, which overturned the terrible digital billboard deal.

TimBen believes that the council norms and procedures should be revised to make it easier to place items of concern on the council’s agenda.

TimBen will raise the issue of redistricting council boundaries in response to explosive geographic and population growth. This will help insulate the city from another expensive California Voting Rights Act lawsuit.

TimBen is an advocate for the Via Princessa road extension to help alleviate traffic congestion.

He has an established record of service to the residents of Santa Clarita. I urge you to cast your vote for my dear friend, TimBen Boydston

Steve Petzold

Santa Clarita

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