Tabitha Kumar | Former Student Trustee: Vote Bjorkman

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is difficult to overstate the substantial contributions and efforts Ann-Marie Bjorkman has made to our children’s successes with regard to their education and, thus, the surrounding community as a whole. Her impact on every life that crosses her path, both directly and indirectly, seem immeasurable. To those who know her, Bjorkman is a valuable  part of our community. She is passionate about what she believes in and is charitable of her time and resources, all of which are exemplified through her history of profound contributions made to our community. Bjorkman’s education and community services are motivated by genuine sentiment. She is one of the most caring and driven community leaders in the history of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Bjorkman is president of the board for the Santa Clarita Valley Boys and Girls Club. Having been intimately a part of this nonprofit organization myself for the past 15 years, I have been and continue to be given great opportunities to work with and to become knowledgeable of our organization’s leaders, including Mrs. Bjorkman. Whether it involves spearheading fundraisers that raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Boys and Girls Club, leading educational programming that empowers children to develop their academic and leadership skills, or advocating for our members’ needs and wellbeing to the community, she has exemplified her knowledge, passion and drive for equal-opportunity education. Her ability to strengthen and empower every student’s experiences demonstrates just one of her many admirable qualities. In short, among her 20-plus years of involvement within the community, Bjorkman is at the forefront of advocating for our students and their education.

Reflected in every aspect of her work and advocacy, she believes passionately in positive education progress and making a difference for all. Her own personal experiences, along with her profound grasp on social and educational philosophy, drive her advocacy work. She is a dedicated, hardworking community leader with the charisma, perseverance, strong values and respect for all ages. I am looking forward to seeing all of the great work Mrs. Bjorkman will continue to perform for our community and its students. Additionally, I am trusting in the future of the students of COC with the prospective addition of Mrs. Bjorkman to its governing board. Having held the student seat on the COC board over the past couple of years, I am well aware of the responsibilities of board members. With no doubt, I believe Ann-Marie Bjorkman is a perfect fit for the COC board. It is an honor to offer her my support and highest recommendation without reservation.

Tabitha Kumar

Canyon Country

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