Karla H. Edwards | ‘Solving’ the Provisional Mystery?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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My letter to The Signal editor titled, “Smith is Wise to Wait on Provisionals,” was printed on Nov. 13. I wrote that the voter registry had me listed as a “vote by mail” voter, even though I didn’t vote by mail, hence, I had to vote using a provisional ballot, even though I protested. Other voters had the same problem.

Afterward, I called the county registrar to discuss this, and by the end of the call, we were on a first-name basis. With some research on the part of the county clerk, he provided the answer to my question: In 2002, I had requested a “vote by mail” ballot. (Maybe I was going to be out of town on election day?) Somehow, this data from 2002, which hadn’t shown up again until 2018, suddenly appeared in the voter registry in 2018. You can draw your own conclusions — I have come up with mine.

Karla H. Edwards

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