Kathleen Brown | How to Be a Leader to Help Planet Earth

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Cher Gilmore detailed the newly introduced Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act in her Dec. 11 op-ed “Good News and Bad News on Climate Change.” The title helped me recall a quote from Steve Jobs, who many would agree was one of our country’s most successful business leaders. He said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” 

Although the 45th “leader” chooses to deny the need for this legislation, and he indeed has no appreciation of the well-conceived innovation that is at the core of this legislation, the six congressional representatives who introduced this legislation are true leaders. Additionally, the large corporations that Ms. Gilmore lists who are committed to powering their operations with renewable energy are true leadership models. Citizens’ Climate Lobby members are leaders.

All of us can practice and model leadership in taking even small steps to reduce our carbon footprints.  You don’t have to stop driving your own car — combine your errands, carpool, walk to the corner drugstore, pump up the tires on your bicycle. Buy products not containing palm oil (an easy online search).  Reduce your consumption before you plan to buy needlessly and then recycle. Eat less beef. You will have saved money after making just some of these choices, and when legislation such as that described does become law, you will have money in your pocket every month. Tell your congressional representative you support this legislation.

If stewardship of our Earth matters to you, be a leader.

Kathleen Brown, Santa Clarita

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