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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It seems that Mr. (Thomas) Oatway (Letters, Dec. 21) didn’t understand what I tried to say in my letter (“Pelosi and ‘Truthing,’” Dec. 18.)

Let’s agree that President Trump’s self-stated agenda (successful or not) is “Putting American interests first” and “draining the swamp.” This runs counter to globalism, multiculturalism, the P.C. culture, the traditional Republican “big business” lobby, much of the administrative bureaucracy who support big government, and the “open borders” people on both the left (for future voters) and right (for cheap labor). So it’s not surprising that those interests, generally “progressive,” should fight back and organize resistance against, not just him, but the success of his agenda, which they might interpret as existential.

Given that, and adding Ms. (Nancy) Pelosi’s description of the political tactic of “truthing,” that is, inventing or twisting the facts to harm your political opponent, and the media’s 98 percent negative news coverage of the president, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to be a little suspicious of their motivation, which is why I didn’t apologize for the president, but simply suggested that news consumers be a little more skeptical of what they digest.     

Richard La Motte


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