Rose Marie Dillon | Horton: No Respect for the Office

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to an article written by Gary Horton (Nov. 29) concerning the subject matter of the history of a Dodo bird.

As I was reading his article and got closer to the end of Gary Horton’s description of the lifestyle of a Dodo bird, he drew a comparison to our President Trump as being a Dodo bird. Gary Horton obviously believes our president is a Dodo bird and we are stuck with him.

Never in all my years of living have I seen such disrespect for a president. Gary Horton has expressed that disrespect for Trump in previous articles.

My brother was a World War II veteran in the Army and got wounded crossing the Rhine River in Normandy in April 1945, and had a nervous breakdown. He was sent to a hospital in England for six months before he could return to America. He suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder for the rest of his life and passed in 2003 in a veterans hospital in Long Beach. Not to mention that he lied about his age to enter the war.

Why I am saying all of this, is because our boys bled on those beaches in Normandy, Europe and North Africa so we can have the freedom of speech and say whatever we want. Gary Horton has no decency or shame and above all no respect for the Office of the President. There is no journalism today and it is so full of hate and lack of honor, integrity and dignity. As an American, you can show the respect that is due and leave your hateful comments and opinions out.

Yes, I come from the greatest generation and I saw how my brother suffered with nightmares for the rest of his days on earth; but he is now in heaven enjoying perfect love, joy and peace.

Rose Marie Dillon

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