Stephen Maseda | Do We Already Have Enough Toll Roads in California?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In his Nov. 27 column about the voters’ rejection of Proposition 6, Mr. Jim de Bree justifies the rejection in part on the basis that if gas taxes were not increased we would have to fund road construction and maintenance through the use of toll roads, and he give as an example a drive he took from Cincinnati to San Francisco where the tolls increased the travel costs significantly. 

I found this somewhat strange, and so looked up the routes that one could take from Cincinnati to San Francisco. Interestingly, as all of the routes involve the use of the Interstate highway system (using I-80, best, or I-70 next best), the only toll I found on these routes was the toll on the Bay Bridge on I-80 over San Francisco Bay. 

Seems like we Californians already have our toll roads.

Stephen Maseda, Valencia

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