Steve Patterson | City Fee Ballot Disappoints

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When I received my ballot for the landscaping and lighting fees, noticeably absent was any mention of the “increase” in fees for lighting. The $5 “decrease” in landscaping fees was highlighted in bright red. Wow, thanks for the venti latte!

So I scrolled through the four-page attachment, full of confusing numbers and calculations regarding only the “landscaping” fees. Just a smoke screen!

And there it was, hidden halfway down the last page. The increase of $69.33. Not highlighted in bright red, bold, or underlined. It was mixed in with all of the savings we were supposed to reap from this ballot. I guarantee 99 percent of the people would miss that.

Just like the state propositions. Baffle them with BS! We wouldn’t want the city to be honest and actually explain in the ballot why the increase was needed, would we?

And the meeting to discuss the ballot? At 6 p.m. on Jan. 22. Wait, don’t the ballots have to be turned in by Jan. 22? So how are we stupid, gullible and misled citizens of Santa Clarita supposed to get educated on the ballot prior to having to turn them in?

I expected better from our city.

Steve Patterson

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