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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The opinion letter submitted by Richard La Motte on Dec. 18 suggests that a video distributed by right-wing conservative sites shows Rep. Nancy Pelosi explaining a political “tactic” called “truthing.” I Googled and visited several sites in which Ms. Pelosi was attacked by partisans, but could not find anything that suggested she defended falsehoods as a legitimate political tactic. On the contrary, in a meeting with President Trump, Sen. Chuck Schumer and a comatose Mike Pence, she challenged obvious fact-free assertions by Trump, and was widely acclaimed as the adult in the room. So much for claims that she is suffering declining cognitive capability.

Given the propensity for Trump to lie, it is puzzling how this letter writer would have the nerve to call out Nancy Pelosi. Or anyone.

Mr. La Motte claims not to be a Trump die-hard supporter. Yet he parrots the false narrative that the special counsel investigation is a political tactic used by Democrats to “hammer us about the president” with negative stories. Fact: Mueller is a long-time Republican. Fact: The special counsel office is operating in a clearly professional manner and does NOT leak. This may give some partisans the opportunity to wishfully claim that there is no evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice, simply because Mueller has yet not presented his evidence. In due time, he will.

The obvious reason that media reports are overwhelmingly disparaging on Trump is because he feeds the news cycle with almost daily blunders, falsehoods and allegedly illegal actions.

The latest: The New York State Attorney has investigated the Trump Foundation, and determined that it is not a charitable entity, but instead a personal checkbook used primarily to pay Trump business and campaign bills. An agreement was reached that the Trump Foundation will be dissolved effective immediately. This is just one of 17 investigations of Trump, his family, his businesses, his charities, his obstruction of justice, and his Russian involvements.

The stock markets fell again (Monday) and the Dow index is in negative territory for 2018. You and I may be getting a lump of coal with our end of the year 401-K statement. No wonder it is hard to find positives in the news cycle on this president. And instead of blaming the media, it would be more helpful to our democratic institutions to hold Trump to higher expectations, instead of apologizing for his bizarre mistakes and enabling even worse behavior.

Thomas Oatway


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