‘Tis the season for booties

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By Taylor Harding
Signal Contributing Writer

It’s that time of year again, y’all: Bootie season!

Even though I wear booties year-round, fall is my favorite time, because it’s when all of the cute new bootie styles come to stores.

Booties instantly elevate any day-time outfit, and the heel and rise of most of them flatter your legs and slim your ankles.

If you know me, you know that my thick ankles are always a struggle for me (they are truly genetic cankles), so anything that makes them appear slimmer gets my vote.

The inspiration for this post started when I saw a pair of white cowboy boots that I had to have.

It wasn’t until after further investigation that I realized for $1,190, I really didn’t need them as much as I thought I did, LOL.

The next day, I randomly stumbled across a pair of booties that looked identical to the ones “I needed” — for one-fifth of the price.

After that I, embarked on a mission to find the best-looking dupes for all of the high-quality designer booties for fall 2018. I found dupes for each pair, and I tried to keep them under $100, but there are a few pairs in the $200 range — which is still practically a steal in comparison to the $1,200 price tag on some of these.

Matisse, for example, had a similarly styled boot to Givenchy, with the price difference being about $1,300 for the French designed, and roughly $200 for the U.S. version from Matisse.

Similarly, DSW and Nordstrom offered similar looks to a Fendi cowgirl boot that retailed for about $1,200, for anywhere from about $100 to $250, respectively.

For more information on all of these fashions, as well as links to where they can be purchased, check out StyleStash.co.

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