Jason Gibbs | Pelosi’s War and the Hypocrisy of Party Politics

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

With the November elections now behind us, locally and nationally elected Democrats have been flooding the airwaves with their prophesies of higher taxes, jaded interpretations of what “our fair share” means, and their never-ending quest to crush President Trump at every turn. But there have also been events that bring glimmers of hope to those who stand on conservative ground. 

The Supreme Court recently announced it would be taking up a case involving Second Amendment protections for the first time in nearly a decade. Secondly, California and L.A. County have been court- ordered to clean up their voter rolls and remove inactive and possibly invalid voters (which could be well over a million people). Third, another opening on the Supreme Court may arise, allowing President Trump a third pick for the bench.  

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a fierce and profound warrior for liberal causes on the bench, and while we don’t agree on most constitutional matters, I wish her a timely recovery considering her recent health issues. 

Suffice it say, I’ve found no shortage of subjects to give an opinion on without trying to be dogmatic or pompous. While I may circle back to some of these topics, it was a local Democratic Voices piece by “liberal-linguist” Joshua Heath that caught my attention with an article titled, “Nancy Pelosi, Political Genius.”

Honestly, I was expecting to read an entertaining satire about some of Ms. Pelosi’s brilliant comments as a U.S. representative. We can all recall such memorable moments, like suggesting in 2009 that without a stimulus bill, 500 million Americans, every month, would lose their jobs (with roughly 300 million residents, including children, populating the U.S. at the time); that’s pretty significant, and mathematically confusing! 

Then she promised “everybody will have lower rates” with the (unsuccessful) Obamacare.  She even went as far to say that Obamacare was on par with the Declaration of Independence as it captured the spirit of our founders! Perhaps Thomas Jefferson meant to say “life, liberty, government-provided health care paid for by increasing our national debt and taxing inaction, and the pursuit of happiness.”

However, instead of a comedic review of Rep. Pelosi’s time in office, Heath lays out an argument about continuing to battle the White House head on, and not wavering from the stance of no money for a wall (or fence, or barrier, or some other noun meant to make Democrats appear compassionate while demonizing Trump). The plan is that the complicit media and a backlash from those dependent on a government paycheck will bring an end to this presidency come 2020. 

What’s being missed here is that in any negotiation or disagreement, there are two sides, thus two ways of looking at the same dilemma. 

With a government budget of $4 trillion a year, and an offer on the table to extend Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, $5 billion for a wall in order to get the government back in operation does not seem like a big deal.  But, when the battle being fought is not about what’s good for the country, but only what’s good for a party; then yes, it is a big deal! 

Democrats constantly blame Republicans for their unwillingness to negotiate, to bring stuff to the table and to make deals and bridge gaps where possible. They have now labeled President Trump as the head culprit.  

The shutdown has been continually put solely on his shoulders because he refuses to budge on money for a wall (which he’s restated as a barrier or fence). But Heath points out the hypocrisy of that, perhaps unintentionally, when he says, “Her (Pelosi) values, rather than being up for negotiations, are sacrosanct; the ultimate goal is not milquetoast bipartisanship but the destruction of her ideological foes.” 

It seems Heath spoke the truth: She is doing exactly what he accuses the president of; using politics and a shutdown to further a political cause.  

Pelosi promised to fight Trump, and Trump promised to fund a wall. The lines are drawn, so we got stuck blaming each side while men and women were without paychecks. Some were being forced to work even with no pay and the politicians played the “he-said, she-said game,” with pay.

It always amazes me how small-minded political parties are. We deflect the state our country is in by simply blaming the other side. Undeclared wars, further disregard for liberty and the Constitution, and debt our kids will never be able to pay back should be addressed and fixed, not used for party advancement. Instead, Newspapers waste ink from writers suggesting Pelosi is a political genius, when all she is doing is copying the tactics of the man she despises.

 God bless America!

Jason Gibbs is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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