Lois Eisenberg | Bravo to Pelosi, the Most Powerful Person in American Politics Today

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The state of the union speech has been canceled by Nancy “Nancy with the smiling face” Pelosi.

The lady in red and wearing sunglasses on an overcast day and in doing so has sent a message.

Her obituaries two months earlier, being written about her becoming speaker of the House, stated that she was an old-style centrist Democrat, and to that I say thank God.

As of now Nancy is the most powerful person in American politics.

Nancy’s letter to Trump stating that the State of the Union Speech has been canceled caused Trump’s ratings to drop.

Nancy wrote to Trump that if he calls off the  shutdown the State of the Union Speech will be reinstated.

Compromising is the name of the game, and as the old saying goes, “Tit for Tat.”

Nancy also suggested that Trump write a letter instead, which of course will not be written by him , and Nancy writing her letter like a schoolmarm as if addressing her letter to a young child.

Pelosi, who is 77 years old and a grandmother of eight, can be very proud of herself in showing her grandchildren right from wrong and how not to be bullied.

Bravo to the “Lady in Red”

Lois Eisenberg


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