Lois Eisenberg | Breakthrough Needed to End Shutdown

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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There should be a breakthrough to an end to this deplorable government shutdown.

President Trump is steadfast in his billions-of-dollars demand for a border wall. The Democrats want border security, but not a border wall. The Democrats feel that a border wall will not (improve) border security as there are other ways to enter this country illegally. Wanting Mexico to pay for the wall was so far-fetched at its conception, and conning the American people into believing it was way off the charts.

The consensus is that if the wall was to be built the American taxpayer will feel the brunt of it.

America is in the throes of being damaged even more by this border wall debacle that the shutdown has affected thousands of federal workers who are hurt mostly by not getting paid.

The House Democrats are planning to pass bills that would subsidize individual government agencies to defray the damages that have been done with this shutdown, but (Senate Majority Leader Mitch) McConnell said the Senate wouldn’t take it up. The GOP Senate is preventing the agencies from functioning and carrying out their basic functions.

One point in fact: Our parks are being trashed because there are no government employees to attend to the cleanup.

Trump says he relates to federal workers not getting paid, which is laughable, and that the people who are not receiving their paychecks will make adjustments. How cruel is that?

Trump and his ilk say if not a concrete wall then a steel wall will do, and that is the compromise the Democrats should make. Also laughable. Please realize that any barrier resembling a concrete wall is a wall. Securing the border can be obtained without a wall by more technical methods, and adding more personnel to oversee and work the tech methods.

Being that America has many methods and brilliant minds to figure out a better border patrol system, let’s put these geniuses to work.

Hundred of jobs will be obtained, which is a good thing, which will add more peace of mind to border security, which is also a good thing.

Lois Eisenberg


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