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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This letter is being written in rebuttal to Jim Horton’s letter of Dec. 30. I wish to say that I’ve read many of Lois Eisenberg’s letters and have never found them to be hateful, or as Jim says, “spewing venom.”

Lois’s letters are usually reasonable and compassionate. They are written to express a viewpoint obviously different than ideas held by Mr. Horton. For him to say that Mr. Trump has a record of “unprecedented achievement” is ludicrous beyond description. Mr. Trump has done such harm to our American way of life by demeaning, degrading and belittling ideas and people with whom he disagrees. His concerns are limited to himself and to his followers.

America is in a crisis. Many of us are fearful for the future time Trump may remain in office. He is a disgrace to the ideals that have made our nation the marvelous country that it is.

So Lois, keep on writing your sane, refreshing and informative letters. We need them. (By the way, you mentioned you were 90 or so years old. So am I.) 

Lois Linnert
Santa Clarita

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