Meadows students hit the NFL field

Courtesy photo Meadows Elementary School student Jaxon Dillard meets his Rams favorite player, Todd Gurley, recently. Jaxon and his dad then watched a game.
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By Jaxon Dillard

The day before the football game, I couldn’t sleep because I was super excited.

We were going to go to the Rams vs. 49ers game and, since I am the sports journalist in my class, Mrs. Andersson got us field passes (you can go up close and see the players warm up).

When my editor, Michael, and I met at the stadium, we went to the Rams side of the field. There we were, standing on the very field where the NFL players were warming up!

We saw linemen Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh warming up on the field. We saw the quarterback Jared Goff throwing the ball to wide receivers and we saw the kickers kicking field goals and practicing their kickoffs.

My dad saw Todd Gurley and asked him to take a picture with me. I was really happy because Todd Gurley is my favorite player in the league.

Todd said yes and, as you can see, I was very excited to be next to one of the greatest players in the league. I also took a picture with a referee and with the down marker.

The game started, so we went back to our seats.

The kicker kicked the ball, and that means the game started and I was excited everyone was cheering.

It was very different than watching the game on television because you can actually hear sound effects from the field and sitting in the crowd is energizing.

We were hungry, so my dad went to get a hot dog. Then it was halftime, and all of cheerleaders did dance moves.

Halftime ended, and the game started back.

The 49ers scored a couple of times when the game was about to end, but the Rams held (off) the 49ers and won 48 to 32.

I had a wonderful time and hope I can go to another game soon. Watching the game, I thought how I could possibly see my dream come true — and that is to be an NFL player myself someday!

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