Richard Myers | Are We Stuck with Baker for 2019?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Regarding Brian Baker’s Jan. 1 column, “Horton Column Illustrates ‘TDS,’” I want to say how sad I am to realize I will probably have to endure more of this name calling writer for another year.

He never misses a chance to call Democrats “Dem/socialists” and refer to Republicans as Repubs. I’m so sick of this guy but I guess we’re going to be stuck with him in 2019.

He loves making thinks up like his latest, TDS, Trump Derarangement Syndrome, and he then says that anyone who blames Trump for the government shutdown has TDS.

What hogwash!

Good grief! I can hardly believe it. Brian wants us to believe that the wall is a great idea and to prove it he says all you have to do is look at Israel. REALLY! Is the landscape of Israel’s border comparable to our Mexican-American border? I think not.

Give us a break. If you must publish this guy, don’t put his stuff under “SCV VOICES.” Sure he is a Santa Clarita Voice, but I would hate to give the impression that he speaks for many.

Richard Myers, Valencia

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