Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for him


Show some love and give your man a thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day. Whether it be a date night to the movies, a night in with a home-cooked meal or a new wallet, getting him something a little different can create memories and a surprise that’s highly appreciated.

“Get him something thoughtful and out of the ordinary,” said Tammi Pickle, vice president of Elite Connections.

Gift your man something more or less traditional this Valentine’s Day, which requires knowing your partner as an individual, and his unique tastes.

“Know your man,” Pickle said. “Get them something they are into.”

Looking Good

Is your man in need of some new clothes?

Go simple and get him new clothes. Find his favorite styles and shop his favorite stores, and a fun gift could be some festive holiday boxers from Walmart or Target.

Also popular among some men is “the gift of grooming,” such as a kit for his beard you may or may not love.

One local woodworker, MW Designs, has a variety of products for men at its Etsy page, which can be found  at There are items available there such as a handmade valet desk stand or a handmade wooden comb.

One popular local spot is The Art of Shaving store in the Westfield Topanga Mall, or shop online.

Throw in a new leather wallet that he might need and enjoy. Maybe include a picture of you for him to keep in his wallet at all times as a romantic gesture.

For the sporty or adventurous man

Bring on the sports. Does your man love to play sports? Get him some new equipment.

Maybe it’s new workout clothes, his favorite pre-workout, or a new baseball bat.

There are a variety of local sporting good stores to find the perfect fit for them.

Another suggestion is to give something you can do together, like tickets to a special event, movie or comedy club.

“Something they’ve talked about wanting to do,” Pickle said. “It doesn’t necessarily need to be on the day.”

Plan something for the weekend following Valentine’s Day, or maybe even the next month.

Is his favorite artist playing a concert near you? Does he like to go beer or wine tasting?

Make it simple and go for a hike and enjoy the outdoors, or take a trip to a nearby location he loves.

“An adventure, something you don’t get to do everyday,” Pickle said. “It could be in the future or before Valentine’s Day.”

Find meaning in simple gifts

Want to do something simple? Spend time together, whether it be at home, a night out or a getaway.

And of course, some of these ideas work for either sex, like spending the night in watching a movie and cooking a meal together, or the aforementioned letter, Pickle said. “Tell them how important they are to you. Say what you don’t get to say everyday.”

The most important thing to remember is what the day is all about, she added — love and spending time with one another.

“Show your love in different ways,” Pickle said.

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