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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This is regarding Joshua Heath’s commentary of Feb. 12.

Joshua Heath’s commentary made too many statements to correct here, but a couple will be addressed.

Heath claims Democrats gained control of Congress because of Trump’s stance on a southern border barrier. Of all of the reasons that may apply to that win, like the year of the woman (really only Democrat women) regardless of capability, fighting illegal immigration was not one of them. It is more correct to say, Trump’s position on a border barrier is a large reason why Trump was elected.

Last August, three months before the election, a poll by The Polling Co. and National Research Inc. found that 70 percent of those asked support President Trump’s immigration reform policies.

Trump had warned for months, he would let the government shut down if no money was afforded for a wall. One word became a political football but every reasonable person knows the goal is getting more physical barriers and other upgrades.

Nancy Pelosi knew very well what would happen when she made sure no money was offered for the border. Her side refusing to negotiate kept the government closed while she went on her vacation. Negotiation takes both sides to communicate.

Democrats hold a big share of the responsibility for the government shutdown. They hold a much larger share of responsibility for illegal immigration and all of the harm that follows it.

Paige Weaver


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