Duane Mooring | Yes, Katie Hill Is Better than Trump

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Cardon Ellis’ letter on Feb. 28, “Is Hill Better Than Trump?”:

Yes, Katie Hill is better than Donald Trump. And apparently Cardon Ellis likes to use Trump methods. He correctly quoted Katie Hill from a Politico article on Feb. 14 in which she says there are some people who “don’t give a s— about the issues.” Cardon says Hill is referring to her Republican constituents and congressional co-workers — dismissing half her constituency. The problem is, of course, that Cardon is taking the quote out of context. Typical. 

Katie Hill was referring to a tactic being used by the minority party to advance key Republican agenda items leveraging a tool called a “motion to recommit.”  Republicans add a Democratic hot-button issue item to an unrelated Republican bill and dare the new Congress members to vote against the bill. If the member votes against the bill, the party can use the vote as a “gotcha” in future campaigning. That’s who and what Katie Hill was denouncing. Users of the tactic don’t “give a s—- about the issue,” but are using the issue as leverage only. Both sides of the aisle should be adamantly opposed to this tactic.

Duane Mooring, Castaic

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