Hilmar Rosenast | Another Side to the North Korea Problem

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Lois Eisenberg, letters to the editor, March 12.

We could not agree more with Lois’ statement of sympathy and regret for the death of (Otto Warmbier). It is indeed a tragedy that reflects the cruelty and evil regime of North Korea. 

Unfortunately, there is another side to it. 

You have a mad man who holds the trigger to a weapon that threatens not one person, but a whole nation and more. 

The fact that the U.S. took a hard line, “Rocket man” realizes that he cannot appease the U.S. and get his way. He also knows that he would be annihilated if he ever attempted to take serious action. 

But these dictators are so full of themselves, that a little flattery (though undeserved) may get them to be more open to some reasonable negotiations. 

Doing nothing will only leave them to aggressively continue with their nuclear arms program and thereby increase their negotiating strength. 

Attempting to disarm an irresponsible government to potentially save thousands if not millions of lives is definitely worth every effort, despite the terrible tragedy that befell the Warmbier family.

Hilmar Rosenast, Santa Clarita

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