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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Once again socialism rears its ugly head. Never in the history of man has it ever worked. It breeds nothing but poverty, discontent and despair.

The thing that makes any society work is the individual. The individual is capable of all the great things that have ever been wrought by man. Mankind is innately a free spirit. This freedom allows mankind to soar and achieve. Confine it with something as evil as socialism and you destroy all that makes mankind greater than the rest of the animals.

It doesn’t take a lot of study to acquaint oneself with all the history surrounding this evil enterprise. Someone like Bernie Sanders, by all appearances should be able to familiarize himself with the pitfalls of such a program and yet he continues to espouse this poison that will only hurt the people he says he cares so much about. Is he evil or is he just so ignorant that he cannot help himself? 

They say the road to hell is paved with good intention and that would be the case we are looking at here, but to carry it to a more critical summation, would he not be the same as someone who breaks into your home and steals all you have? The result would be the same, only the method would change.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the darling of the media. Anyone who thinks our national media is on our side has a very rude and serious awakening coming. AOC, as she is being referred to, deserves to have her name misspelled on occasion as a lesson in simplification. How she got 16,000 people to vote for her will remain a mystery that will defy solution.

The United States of America is an experiment in representative government that some very wise men set forth some 250 years ago. Many have predicted our downfall and many have attempted overt action to cause that result. To date, none have succeeded but this does not mean they will stop trying. We have fought a revolutionary war to free us from England, a civil war to settle the issue of slavery, participated in the first and second world wars, both of which could not have been won without our participation. Now in the quietude after these momentous events, we are being attacked from within.

Global warming has been cited as the reason all these extreme measures have become necessary. Bernie Sanders and AOC and their ilk are more dangerous than the worst foreign dictator that has ever threatened us. A few hours spent reading Thomas Sowell or similar writers would enhance their world view but I have to believe their collective ignorance is so profound that they would not be open to any change.

Jim Horton

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