Jack Russell’s Great White coming to Canyon SCV

Sunday Signal
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If you’re looking for a Saturday night full of rock ’n’ roll, Canyon Santa Clarita has a show for you for the last weekend in April.

Jack Russell’s Great White, a reboot of the band that’s sold more than 10 million albums around the world, and brought us such hits as, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” ‘Rock Me” and “Save Your Love,” is coming to town April 27.

“We’re definitely playing all the biggest hits for sure,” said Robbie Lochner, guitarist and who has been in the since it was formed by the for- mer Great White lead singer in 2011.

The band is still creating acoustic material, live hits and original tracks, as well, and bringing a high-energy show to its audiences, Lochner said. The band also throws in some Led Zeppelin covers, he said, which was a huge influence on the Great White sound. The seering Robert Plant-like vocals can certainly be heard when you listen to any of Russell’s recordings.

“The audience feeds off of it, and the audience usually gets really loud,” Lochner said, describing the atmosphere at one of their shows. “It’s fun when people are giving you that kind of feedback — it certainly helps.”

Find the Canyon Santa Clarita
on the ground floor of the Westfield Valencia Town Center. Get tickets
at the box office 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday, (888) 645-5006 or TicketMaster.com. For more info, visit WheremusicmeetstheSoul.com.

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